Tackling Wicked Problems – or how to nail jelly to the wall!

By | January 21, 2019

Tackling Wicked Problems – or how to nail jelly to the wall!

Science Meets Business –Advanced Training Series

Course Duration: 8 Weeks | Start date: 15 February 2019 | Available places: 16

Learning Outcomes | Participants in this eight-weeks course will realize significant advancements on tackling workplace-based problems / issues that they are currently experiencing, or that they are working on as part of their research. It will allow them to understand the systems dimension to the problem / issue, to uncover direct and indirect cause-effect relationships, and how these relate to each other, to get an insight into the different scientific disciplines from which the problem / issue could be approached, as well as to understand who are the various stakeholders, and what are the existing means and methods on how to engage them so to build up a collective perspective about the problem / issue and to ultimately tame it.

About | Tackling Wicked Problems is perhaps one of the toughest challenges one can face. The reason for this is that wicked problems have no ultimate solution. And working with linear cause and effect logic won’t be sufficient to tackle wicked problems since the different cause and effects might have no direct observable relation. To make things even worse, wicked problems are not only those huge issues, like global warming, but they often hide out very well in apparent straight forward tiny problems. Wicked problems thus pose serious challenges to the novice and experienced researcher alike. For this reason, the International Nanotechnology Laboratory and the DoctorateHub have teamed up and put together this eight-weeks training course on how to Tackle Wicked Problems– or how to nail jelly to the wall! This course is a first one in a forthcoming Science Meets Business – Advanced Training Series.

Admission | Admission is subject to (1) Proof of ability to applying science-driven and research-based methods, which in practice means, holding a research doctorate, or being in the late stage of a doctoral research program; and (2) 10+ years of work experience.

Available Places | There are 16 places available per edition, 10 Business places, and 6 Science places. Where more than 16 applications are received, we reserve the right to select suitable applicants based on their maturity, the quality of their workplace-based problem description, and the Science to Business balance.

Fees | The fees for this 8-weeks course, including study materials, are €1.450.-, plus VAT as applicable. The two first editions will be piloting the course format and thus the fees will be waived. However, we expect active engagement in critical reflections, analytics, and collaboration with peers.

How to participate? | Please contact Dr. Andreas Meissner via mail to arrange for your participation. For the first edition starting 15 February 2019 the admission will close on 1 February 2019.

Contact: andreas.meissner@inl.int | a.faria@doctoratehub.com 

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