One week to go until the start of the first edition of our course on how to Tackle Wicked Problems!

By | February 8, 2019

We are one week away from the start of the first edition of our course on how to Tackle Wicked Problems– or how to nail jelly to the wall!, which is the first course in a forthcoming Science Meets Business – Advanced Training Series.

The course will apply science-driven and research-based methods, or to be less abstract, it will be framed by action research and action learning, and participants will be expected to identify and apply further methods as they approach and examine their work-place based problem. Therefore, admission to the Advanced Training Series is subject to holding a doctorate, being in the late stage of a doctoral research program, or alternatively, being able to demonstrate an equivalent level of advanced research qualification (Level 8).

The course runs eight weeks and will provide participants with the opportunity to significantly advance on an existing [and potentially wicked] problem that they are expected to select from within their work environment. Participants therefore have the chance to improve their work environment through a thorough examination of a concrete and existing issue, through engagement with their workplace-based colleagues and with their classroom peers, so to uncover potential ways of taming it. The course will thus allow for a triple learning: (1) improving their ability in carrying out social science research, (2) an increase in the subject matter skill on how to Tackle Wicked Problems, as well as (3) organizational learning around their selected workplace-based problem.

To make it clear, this course is about authentic learning where each of the participants will identify an issue from her/his workplace. An issue that is triggering, a situation that is perceived as being broke or messy, something that causes pain, distraction, and somehow just won’t go away independently how hard one tries. Means, it should be an issue worthwhile spending time on.

With this, I am looking very much forward to these weeks aheads so to see how participants will be reflecting in and on Action, engage in critical analytics, probing discourse, and to advance on the chain of whys by digging into the collective experience so to turn the tacit explicit.

As we go ahead I’ll try to provide a weekly update at this blog on how we progress. So be welcome to check back!


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